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Find the latest information on computer technology, including subjects like Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Graphene Technology Battery Technology, and more. Find out about research from top labs and universities like MIT, Cal Tech, Yale, Karlsruhe Tech, and Vienna Tech.

The latest advances in artificially intelligent systems such as facial or speech recognition are the result of neural networks – densely interconnected, interconnected meshes composed of simple information processors. Now researchers have devised an innovative type of information processor that could help in the development of more intelligent devices by emulating the processing capability of a human brain.

Engineers have been working for decades to create microprocessors with greater power and use less energy. Now they’re reaching a new level using a chip that makes use of quantum computing to run billions of calculations per second, while still operating in the same system as the current fastest microprocessors.

With data breaches wreaking havoc upon Fortune 100 companies, ruining the reputations and image of high-powered executives, and forcing historical educational institutions to close their doors, securing personal information has never been more crucial. A lot of security tools are not effective and some are even risky. A team of cybersecurity experts has created a secure and effective way to shield data from hackers.

Recent research has revealed that disorganization more than cost is the driving factor in improper IT hardware disposal, exacerbating the growing e-waste problem. Apple has also added an OtterPilot function to its Siri virtual assistant, which automates CRM data entry and transcription of meetings with customers to manage their relationships.