Our Services

HHA Associates Sdn Bhd is offering a comprehensive range of activities that span from upstream to downstream segment of oil and gas industry focusing on Project Management Services, fabrication and maintenance work.


⚫️ Hook up and Commissioning work for brownfield and greenfield development
⚫️ EPCC project for Brownfield
⚫️ Site decommissioning, disassembly, workshop repair, site assembly and start-up
⚫️ Maintenance of coolers, heat exchangers and radiators
⚫️ Blasting and Painting Services
⚫️ Pressure Vessel Repair
⚫️ Scaffolding material and works
⚫️ Engineering Consultancy


⚫️ Fabrication, erection & installation of steel structures
⚫️ Storage tank, complete with pumps, motors, various sizes of piping & other accessories steel structures, pipe rack platform & buildings
⚫️ Electrical, Instrumentations & IT
⚫️ Electrical and instrument maintenance and calibration
⚫️ Plant engineering & shutdown
⚫️ Hydrostatic testing for valves and cylinders
⚫️ Engineering design, fabrication, installation, tie-in, and commission for equipment skids
⚫️ Specialist support: engineers, technicians, etc.
⚫️ Piping and Structural Fabrication
⚫️ Plant Maintenance
⚫️ Piping and Equipment Insulation
⚫️ Valve Services